When was the last time you saw God do something that only He could do?

This past weekend I was in Dallas for a book signing and to see old friends. It was a packed weekend, but every moment was rich.

Sunday afternoon a major storm descended on Dallas—dark skies, strong winds, heavy rain, and quarter-sized hail. Power went out, and all we could do was wait till it was over.

After the storm passed, we went outside to assess the damage. Limbs were snapped off, large trees were ripped out of the ground and stretched across the streets and yards. Partial fences were blown down. There were even cars buried under the trees. Leaves and flowers were shredded by the large hail. (And my RAV4 is now sporting some new dents.)

What impressed me as we walked around was how many neighbors were outside helping one another with chain saws, trash cans, rakes, and words of encouragement. I saw this neighborhood exhibit a true sense of community and oneness. People who had never met before were, all of a sudden, friends.

The friend I was staying with had recently asked God to give her some neighbors to take through my Bible study, On Bended Knee, but she wasn’t sure who that would be or how she would meet them. We had prayed earlier that God would clearly guide her. She even asked God to let her meet them in the yard.

That Sunday afternoon after the storm, we were talking to a group of young women who were renting the house on the corner. (One of them owned the car buried under a large tree.) As we chatted, we found out they’re Christians, and some are on staff at their churches. My friend knew that God was answering her prayer and asked if they would be interested in doing a Bible study together this summer. Their response was an enthusiastic YES!

It was one of those “Wow, God, only you could have orchestrated this” moments.

Yes, there was a bad storm Sunday. Yes, major damage was done. But God used that storm to bring neighbors together to encourage one another. And He used that storm to answer my friend’s prayer for a neighborhood Bible study. Only God . . .

God is always at work, even in the storms.

How have you recently seen an “only God” moment in your life?

Let’s pray for more “only God” moments.


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