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Why, God?

We’ve probably all asked God “why” questions. Questions like: God, why did you take my baby? Why did this tragic accident happen to such good people? Why do you let people die in the prime of their lives? Why do you let this person will no quality of life linger on? Why did my loved one get diagnosed with this disease? God, why? I have asked my share of “why” questions, even as recently as

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Why Me? An Interview With The Author

Jim Davis, a good friend of mine, has written a book on suffering titled Why Me? And Why That’s the Wrong Question. The book is about the questions we ask during hard times, including some that do us little good (“why me?”) and some that lead us closer to God (“what can God accomplish through this trial?”). I’ve already had a sneak peak at the book and I highly recommend it. I met Jim at the

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Why Me? And Why That’s the Wrong Question

Why me? Probably every one of us has asked this question at some time in our lives. Suffering and pain are part of life and if you haven’t experienced it yet, you will. Situations that might prompt that question would be things like: When you get that diagnosis you didn’t want to hear When your spouse has an affair When you’re facing hurt or rejection from someone When finances cave in When a loved one

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