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Change Is Hard

Change is hard. I admit I don’t always look forward to change because it’s more comfortable to stay with what I’m used to and what I know. After all, I’ve eaten Eggo waffles for breakfast almost every morning for 15+ years and I don’t want to change! But change is good for us. This week I changed the design of my website. It was a hard, long process, but in the end, I feel it

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When I Don’t Know What to Do

I don’t know about you, but there are times when my life seems overwhelming and out of control, like a tornado. Responsibilities continue to add up, deadlines need to be met, people need to be seen, and unexpected surprises interrupt the plans for my day. Life gets overwhelming, and fear creeps in. How am I going to get everything done, Lord? How am I going to deal with this overwhelming situation? I don’t know what

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Fear: Friend or Foe?

What fears are you facing today? Fear of the unknown? Fear of failure? Fear of change? Fear of rejection? Fear of being alone? We all have fears of some kind in our lives. I admit I do. The command “fear not” is mentioned 365 times in Scripture. Obviously, we deal with fear daily. Fear can be our greatest enemy or our greatest friend. Fear can be our greatest enemy in that it can paralyze us, keeping

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